Thursday, April 15, 2010

Things I'm currently into. . .

  • These crazy prophetic moments that everyone's having
  • Blue grass (the music, not odd colored grass)
  • Candy (that ends tonight)
  • Driving around Lakeland, and loving this city very deeply
  • Random niche-y antique shops that are hiding all over the place 
  • Falling asleep at 4 am in the morning (bad habits, I know) 
  • Very large iced coffees 
  • Any/everything with a wild west motif, it is rugged and dusty-ish and I love it
  • Books circa the 1940's that explain things like how to enjoy literature or what to serve at cocktail parties--they're oddly applicable today 
  • Procrastination. 
  • This really cool ring I can't seem to take off. It has an owl on it. Enough said? 
  • Road trip planning
  • The Starbucks on Beacon, which has been seeing more of me than my dorm room
  • Sporadic phone calls between my sister and I about life and weddings and singleness 
  • Talking to people. Listening is becoming an enjoyment again
  • Eating waffles on Saturday mornings. For the community, and the sugary syrup... 
  • Andrew Bird, The Weepies and Local Natives are all making their rounds in my playlist more frequently again. Absence and fondness and all that
  • Tea with friends, I've missed this for the past month 
  • Court Ferracane and her love for pre-teens and deep conversation at erratic times
  • And you! If you're reading this then you probably think I'm at least semi-interesting, which I appreciate. So thanks!

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