Sunday, April 11, 2010

There are quite a few. Writing. Style. Literature. Men. Cities. Music. I have used all of these to heavily dictate who I claim to be. My identifiers that in attempting to pronounce an identity over me completely suck out all signs of my true character. Not one of those things really defines me. I'm not that easily accessible, honestly.
But even despite knowing I can't be contained by an object or idea, I still allow these associations to be made. I still allow myself to be called "this" or "that", for the sake of just knowing who I am. But in this, I never truly figure that out.
Right this second Rebekah Renko is... the answer is in a perpetual state of change. As it should be. But maybe the transition doesn't always need to be so harsh.
I don't often take time to evaluate who I am at any given moment. I'm very easily influenced, and this has been the driving force to many of my identity crises. In relating to others and enjoying certain talents and likes, I allow myself to become boxed in and characterized by things that aren't fully me.
I'm created in God's image, conforming to His likeness.
That's all there should be. Everything else falls subordinate. It's when we forget what our initial image was modeled after that we fail to truly figure out who we are when conformed to the likeness of that thing.

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