Friday, April 30, 2010

Seven Years After Freshmen Year: a poem about courtney ferracane

Valentine's Day was the night that we met 
You get so self-conscious when your hair appears wet
You like making bracelets and sending out cards, 
You lived in a tent in Indie Brown's yard
You're deep and you're shallow, whichever is needed
And just so you know, you're never conceited 
Elderly sickies call you at work 
But you dislike your job 'cause your boss is a jerk 
Twilight and R-pats, they make you so giddy 
But you don't like K-stew since she isn't that pretty
You stand up on tables and yell people's names 
Your favorite sport teams are the SEU Flames
Sarcasm's your humor and maps, your profession 
When telling a story, you use no discretion
We kid and we joke and misspeak very often, 
But when you're around, all our hearts soften
You're one of a kind and ever-so dear 
We'll always be "girlz", from far or from near 

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