Monday, April 26, 2010

"Pack up all my cares and woes. Here I go, swingin' low."

This season, I've seen it before. But it's also new. It's also alive with something very different than when I've experienced it in the past.
If I could write down all of the memories I have from hearing springtime nostalgic songs, the list would seem endless--in my mind, at least. And now new memories are forming to different songs. Memories that will largely shape who I am, just as all the past moments shaped who I am today. It's scary and thrilling to acknowledge the power of Now to determine who the future you will be. But I'm embracing it. 
I'm embracing a God who is good. Who calls us into so many seasons and allows us to choose joy for each. I'm trusting my faith to see me into the next season and show me who I want to be even further. 
So on and on I'll travel, remembering and living, but always moving to the next spot. I'll evaluate, but also let much of my living be spontaneous and unquestioned. We're all just mid-flight, anyway. One day we'll arrive, but it won't necessarily be the place we thought we were going. It'll be the right place, though. 

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