Saturday, January 23, 2010

So, here I sit on a very cloudy, Hitchcockian afternoon and yes, I am indulging myself in a bit of organic peanut butter. On the one side of the coin I am faced with the looming question of, "Becky, did you not enjoy a heaping amount of tortilla chips and salsa (and two itty bitty tacos) for lunch?". On the other side is a very appreciative girl in dutiful gratitude for the absolutely, mouthwateringly delectable treat of buttered peanuts. So to speak.
For all of you out there who are resisting the gym and embracing the chocolate, or whatever else your fancy may be, I say enjoy it! We only live once and our hunger is a good measure of our vivacity for life.
I have spent far too many hours slugging away at myself in anger over my incessant indulgences. I am finally ready to embrace the candy cabinet and take a spoon to the pudding. (Even though I'd probably rather reach for the sugared granola and hazelnut truffles...).
My peanut butter treat started as a spread for my it's taken on a feast of its own. And I am A-okay with that! You should be too.

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  1. HAHA I love your post. You so eloquently encouraged us to dive into our guilty food cravings. Not what I need to hear when I'm working on my beach body, but thank you for letting loose! Girls need it every now and then!