Tuesday, January 19, 2010

your eyes are the sunset

Today can be a day of prosperity. It can be filled with good hair and sweet nothings exchanged by passers-by to passers-by. It can be filled with the Lord's providence. A day that is nothing short of joy abounding and peace overflowing. Today can look like a sunrise greeted with soothing tea and sugary biscuits, followed by a sunset waved off with a brisk jog and a bottle of iced water. Today can be embraced by a prayer on bended knee, recognizing the existence of such a lovely Creator-God.
Or today can be meaningless. It can be overlooked and forgotten. It can forget where it came from and return to where it had already been. It can be dismal and down, saturated with pessimism and reluctance. It can be denied all of its beauty and all of its divinity.
For me, I choose Life today. I choose joy. I choose love and faithfulness. I choose to taste from the well of goodness and enjoy what my Father has laid before me.
I hope you choose the same.

{print by Peter Tarasiuk Photography}

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