Thursday, March 4, 2010

terminal A

I always order a tall skinny vanilla latte. After the sun sets they dim the lights in the airport and you feel as if you've been asked to just sit and relax for awhile, like an upscale ballet is about to start or something. That's how I feel anyway.
What do I see? A man reading one of this week's best-sellers from the airport bookstore that he probably payed ten dollars more for than he should have. A Starbucks employee eating an apple danish, slowly. I don't know what she's thinking about, but I know she's thinking. I'd imagine she's prolonging her snack break by taking bites in ten minute intervals. And, of course, the high profile businessmen on their way to somewhere warm and in need of their expertise, stirring refined white sugar into their venti paper coffee cups. I also see children. A lot of children. Everyone's always excited in the Orlando airport--Disney is the choice destination for those traveling here, so it makes sense. But even in spite of the anticipation, everyone is taking their time. Everyone's enjoying the night, it seems. 
As for me, I'm waiting. My sister's on her way. I'm playing Sweet Disposition on repeat and trying to get a liquid thought to emerge. I'm excited. Not "we're going to Disney World for a whole week!" excited, but excited in all the senses I should be. 
I guess anticipation is weird. You wait so long for something, your sister's arrival for instance, and you almost make yourself believe you can't live without it. But then the night comes when she boards the plane and calls you after landing, and suddenly...well you realized you lived without it. And not only did you live, but you had fun leading up to it. You may have even been okay if it were next weekend she decided to come. 
I'm not saying I don't want her to come or that this weekend isn't going to be as great as I imagined it to be. I'm just saying, unlike these kids coming to see Mickey Mouse for the first time, I understand more about life than I used to. I understand that days come and go, some exciting and some dull. But they all come and go, either way. 

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  1. Your writing is so pleasant. It just makes me feel relaxed.