Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I feel the need to share this. Whether you care or not, here it is...

Christine Wilson was my first "friend" at Southeastern. I use the quotes because she was really just the first person I used all the dumb introductory get-to-know-you phrases on. Whatever the case may have been, we played the, "Hey, how are you?!" game for a good few months, dilly-dallying around progressing our acquaintance-y to friendship. Well, the past few weeks we've been upping our status and now we're full on friends. Like friends friends. The ones who call to tell you they're not doing anything so you should come keep them company for the heck of it.
I'm telling you this because Christine Wilson is cool. And you would like her too. And now I realize the Lord is just as un-incidental as I say He is...

1 comment:

  1. i'm a huge christine wilson fan. also, i'm a huge becky fan so i guess i'm a fan of they two of you being legit friends.