Monday, February 22, 2010


This is what I am thinking about. I preoccupy my time with other people's thoughts. I delve into the caverns of minds that are not my own. I inherit the brains of those around me, connecting in a way that transcends normal barriers, seemingly becoming the person before me. I am me. I am you.
Who are we, anyway? Are we drones--distant aliens that inhabit a land not our own, ultimately following a path of strings that lead to our waste? Or are we sanctioned to be here, performing tasks of menial difficulty that will better serve the human race, whether that task be seen and heard or otherwise silent from the world?
Were we created or are we merely a regression of this universe that envelops us?
I think about these things. I think the things that your mind cautions you not to. I seek so that the answers I find will leave me seeking no more. And with this I have found that I find.
The question of God looms and booms in the back of our heads until we decay. We earnestly seek with faces of placidity, pretending we don't care if we find or not. We search for gods, but never God. We worship figments and fragments until our souls are spent. Twistingly, He is the Finder. The true Lord seeks those who protest against the waging war of the world and raise high the true flag of searching. Those who yell in the streets, "Where are you," are not merely heard, but are placed on such a street that they might be found.
The act of asking whether or not a god exists is proof enough for His existence. Why question the reality of an entity that has no proper reason for manifestation in the mind of drones unless such an existence is fortifiable? Here we find revelation. Divine revelation that we are not insane, but rather that, even in our limitedness, we have the capability to understand a Creator-God's voice.
I searched. I did not find. I toiled and lost. I sold my soul to others, in hopes of truth being gained. And then He searched for me. When I was weak enough to grasp only Him, I was found. I am strong now. But it's His strength.
I preoccupy my time with His thoughts. I am in a state of becoming. Not you or me, but the Church--we. 

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