Sunday, November 8, 2009

elephant unite

A strange wind has swept my life these past few weeks. It's been a delight to watch new faces emerge in my everyday routine, encouraging me and beckoning me closer to the Kingdom. I've been enthralled in new relationships that challenge freshness and readiness of faith, allowing me to dig deeper into my flourishing communion with Christ. But I've also discredited the Lord's hand as being the Provider of this new fate.
Earnestly I have sought a community of friends, alive with the power of the Holy Spirit. I can't say I have actively searched for such a community, but I have laid it before the Lord rather regularly since I've taken the move to Florida. However, I have not stood up, walked out my front door, and boldly embraced the vast body of peers who surround me daily. I have merely been content with prayer--not action.
What has stricken me recently is that this is how we choose to live out our faiths. We are all too content with lavish prayers that we deem to be dripping with the fragrance of "faith", yet don't challenge ourselves to test the Lord's faithfulness. We think that by sitting in wait all will be given to us, never acknowledging the power we have been given through the Spirit to take up our crosses and further our futures. We are co-heirs of the throne, with Christ. This means all power that was given to Him as been imputed to us as well, allowing us to courageously approach the world with confidence and determination.
This week, instead of "waiting" on the Lord--really only cowering at the thought of His faithfulness--I stepped out of my comfort zone and embraced a new community, one that I had long been hoping for. By stepping out in faith the Lord met me where I was, not where I only prayed to be sometime in the distant future. By challenging myself the Lord was able to bless me with His riches. In this I have not only gained a new community of support and love, but I've gained unity with my Father, the Possessor of all goodness.
In taking a step forward we're able to draw nearer to the throne. In this we see more of Christ, and less of our own self-saturated desires. In this we gain all the views of a new horizon.

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