Thursday, November 5, 2009

Walking back from the gym this morning I could sense something rather tangible in the air. The cooing of birds above the palms and the gentle whistle of the air floating about me, startling me for the first time this year. One of the most lovely time's of year has finally come to Florida--Autumn. Being a newbie to Floridian seasons, I'll admit I douse my room in Autumn Spice and Crisp Febreze and burn pumpkin spice candles at all hours of the day, probably to my roommate's dismay, just to evoke the specialness of the season. It's simply because I love this season, especially since it's such a rare commodity here in the southern most state. I love the season of thanksgiving and community, ushered in by chilly weather and Chai teas. There's this enigmatic element to this particular season that leaves you wanting more, daring to push the limits and celebrate the holidays long before Christmas lights don the sidewalks and radio stations begin playing the blithesome melodies.
For me, this is a season of nostalgia. Traditions run thick throughout the coming months, and each year evolves into something new--more traditions for later years. It's the delicate preservation of what once was that keeps us anxious for what is to come. I enjoy remembering just as I enjoy living new days. It's the embodiment of who I am, what territory I once marked, and where the Lord once destined my footsteps to fall.
I have been reminded lately of the leaves falling back home in Maryland, and the chill that accompanies these coming days--but I don't feel I've completely lost the season I love. What I've lost in past enjoyments I have gained in new adventures, further adding to my lot of nostalgia. This is a new adventure, one marked by trials and errors, but as different as life may be from what it once was, the scents still smell the same.

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