Thursday, December 3, 2009

'now' is more than just a mates of state song

I'm in the midst of a rather odd period of time--one break has come and gone and the next is beginning in two weeks. Here I am, drudged down with work and studies, remembering the leisurely joys I had merely a week ago and greedily anticipating the Christmas break to come. I've been overwhelmed by this thought though, and it's been challenging my thinking lately.
We're always rushing to the next thing to come. There is always a count-down, timeline, or anticipation of some thing that is on it's way, and in much of our lives, we see this thing's arrival as a sort of ending--once that moment comes we'll be complete. However, the moment, break, or event arrives and suddenly we find that no great change has been made, but instead another countdown must now begin.
I have been plagued by the recognition of how much time is being wasted in the middle. Waiting serves a purpose and drives us into a state of hope and determination, but it also blurs our reality of the present moment, the one which we are very much alive in. Is this exact moment not one that was once much anticipated, also?
If we could focus on this moment and receive the blessing that God has set within it, maybe life wouldn't be so tiresome and striving, but rather a succession of awaited moments that are equally enjoyed and appreciated.
As I am challenging myself, I challenge you to examine where you're at in life--good, bad, ugly--and realize that each past moment has led you to this one, and there is infinite cause to celebrate and enjoy the Now. Be blessed by the gifts that are overflowing in today, and hold tightly to the dream of tomorrow. Try not to sacrifice today for tomorrow, because tomorrow has not been promised, and today is the moment you were once waiting for.

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